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Voice Acting and Soprano Vocals by

Amanda        Cavanagh




"Amanda is a wonderfully talented VA. The work they sent me was professional quality and they were a delight to work with. They created a character from the lines that made the scene pop. Highly recommended."

- Liam, Sandy Pug Games

"Amazing! Would recommend to friends and co-workers for future possibilities."

- Wes Leon, Dragonking




"Quick Turnaround! I had a project that had a short deadline and she delivered high quality work quickly. Very satisfied with what she recorded. "

- Carl Farless,



Professionally trained as an opera singer, Amanda Cavanagh is now lending her voice to produce audiobooks, commercials and much more! Recording in her professional private studio, Amanda can bring your works to life with dynamic narration.

Based in Maryland, Amanda has been singing since 2006 as a Coloratura Soprano, and has always been using her vocal talent to mimic character voices for the enjoyment of her friends. She is currently with the Washington Metropolitan Gamer Symphony Orchestra as a Soprano, and records audiobooks and commercials full time. You can find her at various conventions across the country, or at your local musical gathering. Finally, you can hear her in podcasts and films produced by Castwave Studios.